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New Project - Formative learning

New Project - Workforce Development

Working with a private water company to help them grow and develop their workforce.

The company is expanding and the project will help them attract, develop and retain its future workforce while operating in a very competitive skills market.

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Investigating tools and techniques to show  what students are learning during a course

The aim is identify and learning gaps and weaknesses for individuals and groups while a course is in progress rather than finding out at the end.

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Preparing for a competitive world

Develop Great Business Skills for you and your workforce


Training Services



It's a big world, but business skills are needed everywhere

I am a fan of  mixing theory and learning activities in interesting ways.

My courses use a range of teaching methods, and each  is designed for the situation.

You decide your priorities, I do the hard work, and you relax…….

It’s a competitive world and and high quality business skills are key to success.

Developing such skills doesn’t just happen, it need planning, dedication and time

I can map your  skills needs, deliver the training, and show the results.

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Current Super Special

Financial Awareness for Managers courses. And not just for managers, it’s for anyone who isn’t an accountant.

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